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Nirmaladhare provides professional cistern cleaning services in Bangalore for both residential and commercial customers. We understand the importance of unpolluted and healthy consumable water. By hiring our cistern cleaning in Bangalore you enjoy clean & fresh drinkable water and complete peace of mind. Our service is available to domestic, residential, commercial, residential societies and hotels, industrial clients in South Bangalore also . With us, you get clean, bacteria free water. Our team of experts makes sure the water is free from algae, sludge & dirt also as not contaminated. This ensures safe and healthy water, which may be consumed and used for various purposes like drinking, cooking and far more. We confirm in delivering the very best standard of provisions in our cistern cleaning services by using superior quality safe and effective tools & techniques like eco-friendly cleaning solutions, high-pressure jet, hard brush, and anti-bacterial spray. Our experienced cleaners are efficient in handling the sludge removal like dirt, dust, plant materials, animal droppings, mud and other substances that have settled within the bottom of  Tank.

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Nirmaladhare don’t outsource for any services. Our own skilled and well-trained cleaners do the cistern cleaning to realize 100% customer satisfaction.

Our cistern Cleaning Service in Bangalore Includes :

• Cleaning of the encompassing area

• Empting the tank by water pumps

• Removal of sludge and algae

• Scrubbing the cistern to get rid of sand, mud, moss, viruses and bacteria

• high water jet cleaning of the whole tank

Vacuuming all the muck and slurry

• Spraying anti-bacterial within the tank • Treating the tank with UV

• Leaving it for drawing